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Friday, 22 August 2014

Recording in Riachovo; Yiannis Haldoupis (Yiannis Chaldoupis; Γιάννης Χαλδούπης), Nikos Ikonomou, Dimitris Xaliyiannis, Ilias Gramatikos; Parakalamos, Pogoni; Chris King

We went to Riachovo (near Mazaraki, not far from Parakalamos), the village of Yiannis Chaldoupis' mother and grandfather, for Chris King to produce and record a CD, using a KORG MR 1000 one-bit professional mobile recorder. The first (interior) location was not suitable, because of the background hum of the fridge, so we were given permission to record in the grounds of the monastery and old people's home. It was an ideal spot. Just two of us and the four musicians, a Pogoni Parakalamos Roma Ziyafeti (a Turkish/Albanian word for some good company, with food and music).

Yiannis Chaldoupis- klarino
Nikos Ikonomou - violin
Dimitris Xaliyiannis - laouto
Ilias Gramatikos - defi

I was drawn deeply inside the music as night was falling. If you've ever been "sent", or "possessed", by music, you'll know what I mean. An amazing field recording session. All the musicians agreed that the sound quality was supernatural!

Double Trouble!

 Siko, Mariola Μ' Ap' Tin Ghi

Σήκω, Μαριόλα μ', απ' τη γη κι από το μαύρο χώμα, 
Με τι ποδάρια η μαύρη να σ'κωθώ, χεράκια ν' ακουμπήσω, 
Κάμε τα νύχια σου τσαπιά, τις απαλάμες φτυάρια, 
Ρίξε το χώμα από μεριά, τις πέτρες 'πο την άλλη, 
Κι έβγα, Μαριόλα μ', να σε ιδώ, 
κι άπλωσε το χεράκι σου και πιάσε το δικό μου. 
Το μνήμα μ' εχορτάριασε κι έλα να βοτανίσεις, 
Να χύσεις μαύρα δάκρυα, ίσως και μ' αναστήσεις,

Everybody happy, even after such a tragic and intense miroloi.
Emotions purged. Katharsis.

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