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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Thomas Hardy Festival Walk; Hardy and The Trumpet Major

A splendid walk yesterday, organised by The Thomas Hardy Society as part of the Festival and Conference.
It started at Sutton Poyntz. We walked up the Dorset Ridgeway behind the village and to view the hillside chalk carving of King George III on his white horse, then to the villages of Bincombe and Upwey.
Sensitive and well-selected readings of extracts from The Trumpet Major and The Melancholy Hussar made it a memorable literary occasion for the whole group; some came from as far afield as the USA, Japan, Germany and Ireland. The weather was ideal, the five mile walk had been extremely well prepared through some beautiful landscapes, even if one brief diversion under barbed wire, and through brambles and stinging nettles, brought this idyllic rural experience a little too close to the realm of non-fiction, especially for those with bare legs and unsuitable shoes. The Dorset cream tea ensured a happy ending, unlike that of  the melancholy hussar.

"What feature of the Dorset landscape would be most strong to evoke the spirit of the county for her exiled sons? Perhaps the White Horse to the east of Weymouth would serve best for such a purpose". 
Llewelyn Powys, "The White Horse".

Sutton Poyntz, 'the smooth mill-pond'

"With its mill ponds, and duck ponds, and cool broad elder-tree shadows, Sutton Poyntz is a delightful village. Many old-fashioned cottage gardens may be seen here, story-book cottage gardens  of returned sailor boys, with lavender and myrtle at their doors, and their low upstair windows jasmine-muffled". 
Llweelyn Powys, "The White Horse".

Upwey (by the wishing well)

Hardy and The Trumpet Major (Dorset Life)

The Scarlet Tunic (clips) (The Melancholy Hussar)

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  1. This might be of interest. My stepfather describing the Tarrants