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Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Greek Crisis in a Greek Context

Inside Greece on the economic crisis, Nick Malkoutzis

The result of people losing faith in the accuracy of all economic statistics?

They tend to believe the evidence before their eyes.

They count the customers in the coffee shops.

They are not unaware of the number of houses and apartments that many of them still own.

Islands for lease?

On the Credibility Crisis (Kathimerini)

Update, 24 August, Samaras/Merkel:

'Samaras insisted that the coalition would seek to restore trust with its eurozone partners, saying that Greece was attempting to fix its “credibility deficit” as well as its public deficit'. (Kathimerini)

Reuters on the Merkel/Samaras meeting

Athens News report

Cautious support from France (Kathimerini)

New plans for income tax overhaul

Sept 1, New Taxation Legislation (Kathimerini, in Greek)

And the UK statistics?

A moveable feast.

UK Economy Tracker (BBC)

Cloistered from the Crisis (Spiegel Online) 

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