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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Watermills and Energy in the Zagori, Greece; Νερόμυλοι και Ενέργεια

From Zagori Villages: "Our rather simple idea is to rehabilitate part of the infrastructure of all the old watermills of our region and to join them in small-scale hydroelectric projects".

An interesting idea, but I hope it doesn't involve the installation of modern machinery and other infrastructure within the Vikos Gorge.

"Με δυό λόγια λοιπόν, η μάλλον απλή ιδέα μας, αφορά την αποκατάσταση μέρους των υποδομών όλων των παλιών νερόμυλων και ενδεχομένως ποτιστικών νεραύλακων της περιοχής μας και την ένταξή τους σε μικρής, ήπιας κλίμακας υδροηλεκτρικά έργα".

From KTG: A video of Greece as seen from drones. A review of 2017 by the group Up Drones.

The video starts with drone shots of abandoned drilling rigs in the Saronic Gulf,next to the shores of Elefsina. A warning to us all. Thanks to Keep Talking Greece for the link.

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