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Monday, 29 January 2018

Short Stories, Jim Potts

I am working on a collection of around thirty short stories, which I hope will be published later this year, probably about 60,000 words in length, a little more with the introduction and notes.

The main story locations or settings include Greece, Czechoslovakia, Albania, England, Ireland, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Australia, Bermuda and Sweden. Five are based on the island of Corfu.

The working titles for the stories are: 

Exiles’ Island

The Carnival King

Beyond the Mountains (Operation Inside-Out)


Operation Hercules

The Film Director Manqué

The Hero and the Martyr


Margharita’s Brass Beds

Beneath the Gibbet

Terror Alert

The Gap

Stockholm January

Decolonise Your Mind!

A Librarian in Addis Ababa

Ghosts of Max Gate

Fear, Part I: The Incoming Tide

Fear, Part 2: The Magistrate's Court

Benefit Street?

Broken Ankle

Retirement and Revenge (Un homme révolté, une femme malheureuse}  

The Battle of the Two Clarinets

A Corfu Diary, December, 1967

Rock 'n' Roll Down Under

"The Martyr of the People"

Yemmerrawannie and John Henry


The School Ski Trip

The Landscape Painter

The Hero and the Martyr (film treatment)

The Returner

Remembrance Sunday, November 8th, 1964

Half a Century Ago: In Search of Peace and Quiet

In Search of Silence

Not So Sunny Goodge Street

'Buck' Borrows

The Dream

The Drop-Out

The Winter Before the Summer of Love: 1966

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