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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Chris Holmes, Corfu: RIP

I've just heard from Saskia and Simon the very sad news that our old friend Chris Holmes has died.

We had a lot of fun. Thanks, Chris. 

Chris performing at the Anglican Church Summer Festival, Corfu Town.

Chris and Raul helping me improvise some blues at a jam in Triklino.

Raul died on June 9th, 2014.

I guess I'm the last man standing.

Thinking of Chris's family and friends; our sincere condolences to them-
θα θέλαμε να εκφράσουμε τα συλλυπητήρια μας.

For many years, Chris cared for his mother, Marjorie, Lady Holmes.

In recent months Chris himself needed special nursing care; he was a resident of the Girokomeio Kerkyras, the Municipal Old People's and Nursing Home at Perama (το Δημοτικό Γηροκομείο-Πτωχοκομείο στο Πέραμα), which accommodates thirty elderly people.

When I hosted friends to meet the record producer and writer, Chris King, at the Dassia Beach Hotel, August 2013:

Chris Holmes, front left; Chris King, centre right


  1. I knew him for a short time. We will remember him far longer. Good man down. X

  2. It was such a lovely dinner party for many reasons and Chris Holmes wit and charm was top. Sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Charmagne