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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Greece: Rules and Exceptions?

From To Vima

Is Antonis Karakousis' analysis correct?

Do Greece's international observers claim that in Greece "the essential principle of common rules applying to everyone was never implemented”. Do 'they' suggest that “Greece is governed by exceptions”?

Karakousis feels that it is true that "those with bargaining power have occasionally managed to get privileges, exemptions, tax cuts and other accommodations...Appointments in the public sector, tax settlements, licenses for building, taxis or trucks, student and military transfers were all bargained and negotiated with the party and authority, circumventing the common rules...the governing of the country by exceptions has resulted in distortions, mismanagement, inefficiencies and all sorts of deficits, especially a lack of trust".

Not so much the view of the country's international observers- more the views of a resident Greek national?

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