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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Greece: Nineteen Prerequisite Actions and Conditions of the "Troika"; Government Caution and "Own Goal"

From Kathimerini Greek edition

The completion of 19 actions is apparently the prerequisite for Greece to receive a successful evaluation and to be granted the enhanced preventive credit line: the Troika's ultimatum in order to close the review.

In English: the Greek Government's extreme caution on 5 actions

"Some of the lenders’ demands are too politically sensitive to be considered at this stage. During Tuesday's meeting the two leaders identified the bridging of the 2015 fiscal gap, relaxation of restrictions on mass dismissals in the private sector, changes to retirement criteria, increases to value-added tax and lifting of restrictions on foreclosures for primary residences as the five actions that have to be treated with extreme caution. The troika, however, does not seem willing to back down. On the issue of pension reform, for instance, Kathimerini understands that the troika wants the retirement ages to increase for specific groups that are exempt from the general rule. They also want the minimum pension to be available to those who have worked for at least 20 years, rather than the current 15".

Changes in the law

Government's "own goal" To Vima

To Vima in English


"The government has the duty to not only be careful, but to constantly demonstrate that it is not trying to use tricks to circumvent commitments and obligations undertaken. Now that the government claims that its strategic goal is to change the state of supervision and monitoring, it is absurd to have one eye on the polls and the other on trying to appear consistent to our European partners. Unfortunately for us, the trust in the political system has been broken for some time now. Consequently, our creditors constantly request our compliance to their demands in order to trust us with a more relaxed relationship, which is our goal".

Update, Kathimerini - a PR gaffe?

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