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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Gavin Ewart's Sentimental Education

Gavin Ewart worked for The British Council for six years, from 1946-1952.

A few verses from his autobiographical poem, The Sentimental Education:

Wear your Thomas Hardy suit and sit with candles in
     the gloom.
Summon ghosts of years departed till they fill the empty room...

Money, said The British Council, I have money in my hand.
Get your hair cut, keep your nose clean, live in Civil

Six years later came the end game - middle grades were axed,
They were victims of the Beaver's petulant persistent cry.

A few verses from another poem:

The Cultural Ambassador

The Cultural Ambassador
And, even more, his wife
Can cut through inessentials at a party
Like a knife…...

The Cultural Ambassador’s children,
From the age of about 3,
Have had nothing but celebrities
For breakfast, lunch and tea.

It’s a demanding life
And never quiet
Up there on the heights,
Living on a rarefied diet……

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