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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Dorchester, Dorset: Damers First School, Poundbury Relocation Plans: Parking and Traffic Flow Issues; Vehicular Routes

Plans are on view today, next door to Little Waitrose, Poundbury.

The main concern of people looking at the plans this morning (the few to whom I spoke seemed broadly supportive of the school relocation project) was the diagram of the Vehicular and Pedestrian Routes. With up to 600 children at the school, and no school buses planned, the implication is that there could be up to 600 cars (more likely up to 400) dropping off and collecting schoolchildren (even if children are supposed to walk if living within 800 meters of the school), especially on rainy, wintry days.

There is no parking provision for the parents' cars. The chaos and double-parking can only be imagined, and the amount of traffic using side streets (follow the yellow line, the secondary vehicle route, which will lead drivers to turn left at three points on the yellow route- note arrows- and to use residential side streets to re-enter Peverell Avenue). More planning needed?

Comments are being invited and collated at the display next to Little Waitrose today.

Traffic Chaos? (Dorset Echo)

Update: Plans submitted

Update: September 11, Council concerns

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