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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Themis Marinos at 95, a Small Celebration; Θεμιστοκλής Μαρίνος

After the Athens Conference, I parachuted in to visit an old friend (the young 95 year-old Themistocles Marinos) out in Kifissia. Themis was born in Zakynthos in February 1917. He is still writing fascinating and important books about his wartime experiences. A Greek (and British) war-hero, he was a member of the Harling Mission (the Gorgopotamos Operation, seventy years ago, in 1942). The cultural, literary and military links between Britain and Greece need to be celebrated at this time of economic crisis and uncertainty. This is to wish Themis a very happy 95th birthday in less than two weeks from now.

Θεμιστοκλής (Θέμης) Μαρίνος

On Zakynthos

In Sydney, Australia (O Kosmos, 15 April 1997):

Update November, 2017:

We were in Athens this November (their daughter Penny and our daughter Nina-Maria were both running in the Classic Marathon), and we were able to take the metro out to Kifissia to visit June and Themis. Themi celebrated his 100th birthday in February, 2017; it was wonderful to see them again, both looking so well. Themi told me the secret of a long life: "A clear conscience, integrity - and living so many happy years together with June".  He received a letter from the Queen. He intends to go to the next celebration of the Gorgopotamos (Harling) Operation, the 75th anniversary. The operation took place on 25 November, 1942. Themis is now probably the only survivor of that hugely important, history-changing operation. Α belated χρόνια πολλά, Θέμη!

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