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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Rime Improvvisate, Solomos' improvised poems in Italian

Letter (Zante, 1822) from Lodovico Strani(s) to Ugo Foscolo, published as the introduction to Solomos' first collection of poetry (Rime Improvvisate, 30 sonnets in Italian), published by Strani(s) in Corfu, 1822.

From the poem:

Δυστυχής! Παρηγορία
μόνη σοῦ ἔμενε, νὰ λὲς
περασμένα μεγαλεῖα,
καὶ διηγῶντάς τα νὰ κλαῖς.

Two passports issued to Lodovico Stranis by the British Lord High Commissioner in the 1840s:

The Hill of Strani, by Aglaia Papa

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