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Friday, 16 July 2010

Ingmar Bergman, Summer with Monika

Ingmar Bergman and Harriet Andersson (photo above and below, copyright Jim Potts).

Ingmar Bergman on Harriet, Laterna Magica, 1987

One of my favourite Swedish films by Ingmar Bergman is "Summer with Monika".

Did "Summer with Monika" really come out in 1953?

It still brings back memories of visits to the islands in the Stockholm archipelago.

If you want to practise your Swedish, here's Ingmar Bergman talking about "Winter Light".

Even better, an interview with Ingmar on Fårö, his favourite island

It's where I took the photograph above.

Here's a scene from Wild Strawberries.

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  1. Just watched Summer with Monika, wonderful stuff, great post!