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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Rafting down the Voidomatis River (The Mother of Water or The Eye of the Bull?)

I've been coming to the Zagori region since 1982, but yesterday was the first time that I have rafted down the Voidomatis River, from Aristi to Kleidonia. It was an unforgettable experience, not because of the level of difficulty (easy) but because of the extraordinary beauty and unspoiled clarity of the water and landscape. My daughter had described it as 'serene'. I was spellbound, utterly enchanted.

We paddled happily along. There was little to fear. We waited for the final waterfall, hoping we wouldn't just disappear.

The rafting guide said that although the locals believe that the word "Voidomatis" means "The Eye of the Bull", it's actually a word of Slavic origins, meaning "Mother of Water".

Mati Vode, Slovenian; Matka vody, Slovak/Czech; Мать воды, Russian; Мајка воде, Serbian; 

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