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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Corfu: A Clean, Quiet Bay

Clear, cold water, no rubbish, few people, on the way from Kassiopi to Acharavi.

Elsewhere on the route north of Ipsos, appalling, truly shocking, piles of stinking rubbish spoil most of the beauty spots and views. It seems the uncollected refuse is still a huge problem in the beautiful north of the island.


Article about riot police and Corfu rubbish in the Daily Telegraph (Enimerosi): "Riot Police Deployed as Corfu's Rubbish Nightmare Escalates"

Daily Telegraph article

"For months now, foul-smelling bins have been overflowing onto the streets as a result of the mountainous landfill site of Temploni in the north of the island passing full Briton said that Corfu was like “trash island” and there was a “massive problem all over the island”, adding: “I can smell acrid smoke, trash is in every village”...Telegraph Travel’s Corfu expert, Marc Dublin, said that the mountains of uncollected rubbish has been “an enduring blot on the landscape for several years now”."

COR-POOH! 4,000 tonnes of stinking rubbish piles up in streets of Corfu as dump is FULL, Daily Express

Our little oasis (Corfu as it once was):

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