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Thursday, 5 October 2017

Our Ocean Conference 2017, Malta

Our Ocean Conference Agenda (pdf)

Our Ocean Conference Commitments

Prince Charles tells Sky News urgent action is needed to tackle ocean pollution at the Our Ocean conference in Malta (Sky News) - Prince Charles warns of total ocean 'disaster'

THE PRINCE OF WALES has given the keynote speech at an international conference that aims to inspire world leaders and scientists to commit to safeguarding the world's oceans. Charles delivered the address at the two-day event, being staged by Malta (YouTube).

ITV News

From The Times of Malta

'Supreme wake-up call': Prince Charles makes threat to oceans a priority, The Guardian

Prince Charles helps release turtle back into the wild

Prince Charles is right. We were right to make it a priority on Corfu ten years ago, in September, 2007:

A dead Caretta sea-turtle in the Corfu Channel:

Who is to blame? The Reverse Gaze

On this matter, we see eye-to-eye:

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