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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Bellerophon in Berkshire: Pegasus and Chimera; Roman Mosaic, Greek Mythology; Boxford Dig; Βελλεροφῶν/Βελλεροφόντης

From The Guardian - Rare Roman mosaic found during Berkshire community project -Mosaic depicting Greek hero Bellerophon riding the winged horse Pegasus has been described as best find of its kind in 50 years

Cotswold Archaeology Facebook announcement

"We are excited to announce our star find of 2017, a spectacular Roman mosaic floor! Square-shaped and measuring over 6m in length, it is packed with mythical characters and beasts based on Greek legends".

The Boxford Dig, Photos

Sky News via MSN

About Bellerophon (Βελλεροφῶν/Βελλεροφόντης)

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