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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Spiegel Interview with Juncker and Schulz; EU; Brexit

Revealing interview, in English translation

"Deadly for Europe - The presidents of the European Parliament and the European Commission, Martin Schulz, 60, and Jean-Claude Juncker, 61, talk about the consequences of the Brexit vote, the failures of EU leaders and their early morning phone calls".

More from Spiegel International; The Waiting Game: Playing for Time After Brexit

Perilous Plebiscites: Brexit Vote Underscores Limits of Direct Democracy

The Telegraph -What your house price - probably - says about how you voted in the EU referendum

Europe's Generation Gap - How Pensioners Are Threatening the Continent's Future, Foreign Affairs

EU referendum — views from Oxford, Oxford Today

Update, November 2016, EUobserver - Commission edited out Juncker gaffe

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