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Friday, 15 July 2016

Greece and Modern History, Richard Pine

From the Irish Times, Richard Pine - Greek Letter: Rewriting history has become a national pastime -"Civil war and occupation have led authorities to value power of forgetting over memory"

"One of the few writers to mention the civil war in Corfu, and its aftermath, is Maria Strani-Potts, in her stories The Cat of Portovecchio. When she writes “Two sides of the same coin can never face one another, yet they are as close as can be” she identifies the twin issues of commemoration and denial which beset any attempt to honour the dead of Lazareto – most of them young communists".

Some of my own Lazaretto Island photographs:

Corfu, neutrality and Mussolini - Richard Pine, Letter to The Irish Times

The Greek Connection: Irish Poets and Contemporary Greece, IRELLAS, Richard Pine interview

Between Ireland and Greece, INTERVIEW WITH PAULA MEEHAN, conducted by Joanna Kruczkowska, Poeticanet

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