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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Corfu, Greece: Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika, Corfu Paintings, Sketches, Works of Art

The Benaki Museum Collection and Archive webpages (to which I had linked) time out quickly, so I suggest you go to the Benaki Museum web-site and do a search for Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghika, to find his Corfu paintings and drawings. The Ghika Gallery is here. For his Corfu works, this is the link:

I recommend:

Stones and Thistles (Watercolour, 1970)
Olive Trees on Corfu (1978)
The Chef in Corfu (c 1977-1980)


  1. Unfortunately cannot open the link - Δεν υπάρχουν αποτελέσματα που να πληρούν τους όρους αναζήτησης

  2. Thanks Nickie, I hope you can find the images, there are several pages. I have added a few thumbnail samples for guidance. Jim