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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Weymouth in the early 60s, Joseph Losey's film, "The Damned"

I met Joseph Losey, the great film-director ("The Servant", "Accident", "Don Giovanni" etc), in the early 60s, around a year after this film, The Damned ( "These are the Damned", US title), was first released. The Damned starred Oliver Reed and Shirley Ann Field.

Release dates: UK, 19 May 1963, USA, 7 July 1965, I suspect that much of it was filmed as early as 1961.

I love Shirley Ann's opening taunt: "Never seen a clock-tower before??"

Worth watching the film for the scenes of Weymouth and Portland alone.

Another excerpt/trailer

Intro to the American release

The film is mentioned in Julie Musk's excellent - and extremely useful- book "Lesser Known Weymouth".

Dorset Echo article on The Damned locations

More from The Dorset Echo

Further information from The Dorset Echo

The DVD can be ordered on Amazon.

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