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Monday, 23 April 2012

Corfu Odyssey, Summer 1967- Summer 1968 (with my Austin A35 Van)

Summer 1967, when it was still "cool" to smoke a pipe:

From Castle Cary to Corfu

Posing with my first car (an Austin A35 van), the day I set out from Castle Cary for the long drive down to Brindisi, and then by ferry to Corfu, to take up my first real job. That A35 Van was the vehicle of many adventures and life-changing odysseys. It was ideal for the Corfu roads in those days. I eventually brought it back to England and sold it to a friend for ten pounds.

This photo marks the very beginning of my overseas career!

The Austin in Corfu, parked in Anapafseos Street, Garitsa:

Corfu, Spring 1968

Setting out again soon (by plane). Glad to hear the weather is improving in Corfu

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