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Monday, 18 January 2016

Rory Allardice; Rory's Travel Journals; New Anthology; 24 Countries, 40 Years

Rory writes:

'This is my longest and most varied work and it is the best book to start with as it an anthology of travel writings from 24 countries over 5 decades.
When my 11th travel journal was published, I decided that it was time for an anthology of my various travel writings over the years.
This would include excerpts from all the published works (including a chapter from my father’s autobiography, which I edited) and it would also contain writings from unpublished materials, spanning a period of 40 years.
It is written chronologically. It includes selected personal timelines, which incorporate cultural and historical moments and flavours, and I realise that it is (unintentionally) quite autobiographical.
It was fun writing this book. It is my biggest book to date; at over 350 pages and it is lavishly illustrated with original photographs.
I hope that I have managed to express the joys and frustrations as well as the wonders of travel and that I manage to bring a few smiles to those who read the book and that maybe I inspire some of you to visit the safer places in the selection.'
The book is available in paperback and in digital (Kindle) format.
The link for UK subscribers to Amazon is:
The link for international subscribers outside the U.K. is:

Rory's Amazon Biography

Rory Allardice has lived and worked in France, Italy, then in Georgia, Armenia and Russia (at the time of the Soviet Union), The People's Republic of China, Czechoslovakia (as was), Poland, the U.A.E. and Greece. He has a passion for learning languages and speaks several foreign languages.

He has travelled mostly in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa and has written a series of highly personal travelogues, which are illustrated by his photographs. The books are of places which are less frequented but which have a deep fascination for the author.

The books form part of a series of travelogues dating back to 1999 and will be published in the following sequence.

1. Libya, 2. Syria, 3. Cuba, 4. East Anatolia (Turkey), 5. Lebanon, 6. Ethiopia,
7. Iran, 8. Myanmar (Burma), 9. Tanzania and Zanzibar, 10. Jordan, 11. Morocco,
12. Pakistan, 13. Yemen, 14. Nepal, 15. Tunisia

There is also a new anthology of his travel writing: "Rory's Travel Journals", which covers all of the above books and 8 other countries, where the author lived and worked.

In addition to the travelogues, the author has edited his father's autobiography, which is now available on Amazon.

(Autobiography) "Friendship in a time of War" (1939-1946) by Dallas Allardice covering commando training in Scotland, LRDG, Norway, Egypt and Palestine, Gibraltar, Malta, Libya, Italy, Belgium

He plays music and organised a Celtic Folk Festival in Poznan Poland and played in a band, which he founded there. The band is called JRM Band (Jig and Reel Maniacs) and 2015 is their 25th anniversary.

He has also recorded music with his son and friends:

Scottish Whistle in Geghard Monastery, Armenia

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