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Sunday, 13 December 2015

William Barnes: Some Dorset Dialect Poems - How They Sounded; T.L.Burton; Christmas Poems and Others, 1844

Listen to mp3 recordings by T. L. Burton, poems from Barnes' First Collection, 1844

From the Preface:  "Whatever the individual merits of recordings made by current speakers of Dorset dialects, there are numerous differences in pronunciation amongst them, and none of them reproduces the dialect quite as Barnes represents it".

"This series, developed from Tom Burton’s groundbreaking study, William Barnes’s Dialect Poems: A Pronunciation Guide (The Chaucer Studio Press, 2010), sets out to demonstrate for the first time what all of Barnes’s dialect poems would have sounded like in the pronunciation of his own time and place. Every poem is accompanied by a facing-page phonemic transcript and by an audio recording freely available from this website. The free PDF includes links to the audio files as well".

Chris'mas Invitation

Keepen up o' Chris'mas


Bob the Fiddler

Eclogue, The Common a' took In

The Vaices that be Gone

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