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Sunday, 8 November 2015

"New Homes, Strange Lands"

From BBC, Radio 4, Something Understood

"Mark Tully explores the pleasures, the pain and the potentials of making your home in a new country, both for those who choose to do so and for those forced to by circumstance. He talks to Syrian poet, writer and refugee Ghias Aljundi about his experiences of becoming a British citizen and he draws on the work of musicians and writers from all round the world, who have lived in more than one country".

Quote: from Carol Ann Duffy's poem "Foreign" -

"Imagine living in a strange, dark city for twenty years.
There are some dismal dwellings on the east side
and one of them is yours. On the landing, you hear
your foreign accent echo down the stairs. You think
in a language of your own and talk in theirs.

Then you are writing home. The voice in your head
recites the letter in a local dialect; behind that
is the sound of your mother singing to you,
all that time ago, and now you do not know
why your eyes are watering and what's the word for this".

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