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Friday, 19 December 2014

Greece: A Lighter Touch?

Moscovici, To Vima

"The European Commissioner of Economic and Monetary Affairs Pierre Moscovici has favored a much lighter and less invasive supervision of the Greek economy".

Greece and the Euro (Telegraph)

Dorset: Sandbanks. The Price of a Small Plot of Land

From Prime Location

"You too can rub shoulders with football legends Harry Redknapp and Graeme Souness... if you can scrabble together the £6.25m needed to buy a plot of land in their neighbourhood, Sandbanks.

The empty piece of land on Banks Road on the famous peninsula, dubbed a millionaire’s playground, measures 89ft by 59ft".
I'm not tempted, even at a small fraction of the price!

GREECE: Thessaloniki Metro Construction Contract

Greek Reporter