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Monday, 24 November 2014

Haydn's Wife (Settling Old Scores)

The Mermaid's Song

Animated Score

What do we know about Haydn's wife?
That she'd use his scores for curlers,
Or to line her baking tray.

They told us at his birthplace-
Now it's all over the net.

Did she tear out sheets to curl her hair,
Or to show she knew he didn't care?

(Rohrau, Austria)

Haydn's Birthplace, Rohrau 

Bermudas, Andrew Marvell

The best thing in the Sunday Times yesterday:

Looking forward to Christmas!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

BRIDPORT HARBOUR, William Barnes; West Bay, Dorset; Giles Dugdale

I was pleased to find this 1954 edition of the Dorset Year Book at Bridport Market on Saturday.

Some West Bay images:

Albania Opens Cold War Bunker

BBC News

"A large secret bunker that Albania's communist regime built in the 1970s to survive a nuclear bomb has been opened to the public for the first time. Former dictator Enver Hoxha wanted the bunker near the capital Tirana to guard against Soviet Union or US attacks".